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Where To Buy Resqwater

Highly effective, H2O ResQ can keep up to 1,249 litres (330 gallons) of potable water fresh for 5 years. This natural water treatment uses copper-silver ions to prevent the growth of biofilms in your storage container. A biofilm is the slime that can develop along fixtures, spigots, and over the inner surface of water storage vessels, and it acts as a habitat for the bacteria in your water. 99% of bacteria live in these biofilms, not in the water itself. Traditional iodine and chlorine purification methods do not prevent the formation of biofilm, whereas H2O ResQ treatment causes water to become a hostile environment for bacteria, yet still remain safe for consumption by humans. By removing their habitat, H2O ResQ makes sure germs have nowhere to live or breed.

where to buy resqwater



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